don’t quit: the fitness card challenge


don’t quit is the first fitness game to help you get fit through play! Challenge yourself and others: with 70 playing cards, a varied training program, and intense group fun. Everywhere and anytime. Without any equipment at all. With only one goal: to last the longest and not give up! Check out our game and game manual – in 4 different languages!

Get fit and have fun with the first fitness card game.

Survivor Challenge: the benefits

  • Entertaining group fitness training for 2-6 players
  • Defeat your friends with challenges (training exercises) and actions (tactical playing cards)
  • Train your whole body with a wide selection of training exercises
  • Every muscle group is exercised using your own bodyweight, meaning you won’t need any additional training equipment
  • Play anywhere: in the park, at home, in the office, on holiday, at your sports club or at the gym
  • Anyone can play along, no matter their age, sex or fitness level. Simply choose the level of difficulty that is suited to you at the start of the game Simply choose the level of difficulty that is suited to you at the start of the game
  • No two rounds are the same - using tactical action cards such as scapegoat, revenge, motivation boost or punishment make strategy and variety an integral part of every game

Since December 2020, the new Survivor Challenge version is here!

  • 4 additional challenges
  • A new action: "Last Chance"
  • Completely revised manual
  • International at last - in 4 languages: German, English, French and Spanish. More languages will follow online on our website
  • Better balancing between the individual difficulty levels

Stop choosing between friends and fitness

Challenge your friends with real training exercises and tactical manoeuvres. Take on the ultimate Survivor Challenge! Let your muscles flex. Experience how you and your fellow players playfully overcome previously imagined limits and are swept along by the group.

How does Survivor Challenge work?

Use training exercises (challenges) to weaken your opponents and throw them out of the game. Any player who fails a challenge is eliminated. So the goal is to last the longest and become the survivor!

With the help of tactical cards (actions), you can defend against attacks, strengthen them or create moments of surprise. Due to the many possible combinations and unpredictable moves, no two rounds are the same.

Are you still training or are you already playing?

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