Training partners give the attacker the choice. He either carries out his challenge as well or aborts the attack for both of them.

With Exchange, a challenge from the attacker can be exchanged for any challenge from your own hand.

With a scapegoat, an imposed challenge can be pushed onto any other player or back onto the attacker.

If penalty is played, the affected player must hold out another 10 seconds in the final position after the last repetition before the challenge is passed. Only challenges marked with the penalty symbol can be combined with this card.

The revenge returns the challenge to the attacker and opens up the possibility of adding another challenge from one’s own hand.

The rest suspends any challenge. In the event of a double attack, only one of the challenges can be stopped. The rest cannot be used during the wave.

As soon as a player draws a motivational boost, he has to show the card face up and from now on also complete every attack, including combined attacks, of all other players. The motivational boost remains active until the outbreak of the next wave and is then passed on to any player. The card is only removed from the game if the affected player is eliminated or only 2 players remain.

With the combination, two challenges can be bundled for a double attack. The challenges must be carried out in the specified order.

A challenge is stopped with “Last Chance”. Instead, the affected player draws a card from the draw pile until a new challenge has been drawn. The player then has to do this.

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